Retargetting ads, automated emails, SMS, personalised content, live selling, loyalty programs, cashback offers,etc, etc. We have so many ways to try and convince users to buy, buy more, buy again, buy more often but what happens when they do? Do we ever just say thank you?

I don’t mean inserting the words ‘thanks for your purchase’ into a order confirmation. I mean a real, genuine thank you for taking the time to purchase from us. Not even a ‘here’s 10% off your next purchase as a way of saying thank you’. Just a simple plain text email from a real person to a real person saying thanks and that’s all.

Give this a try and make sure you don’t send it from ‘no-reply@’. No one likes being talked at. You might be surprised with the response you get. After I started sending thank you emails to customers I was surprised, not just that they responded but that they were appreciative that I had sent the email. It started to open up some really valuable one-on-one dialog. Customers were volunteering all sorts of information about their shopping experience, about the products they bought, what they were looking to buy next, wanting to know when certain products were back in stock and even promising to tell their friends to try out my site.

You can sift through Google Analytics reports, Hotjar recordings, run countless A/B and multivariate tests to try and find out what your customers are thinking, or you can just say ‘thank you’. Sometimes the oldest and simplest approaches are still the best.

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