Everyone wants to scale and drive ecommerce growth online these days. Here at the Digital Mavens we have been helping online businesses scale and transform online. We even created an Ecommerce Copilot Program in 2020 to support our customers as an extension to their internal teams – yes before Microsoft launched their Copilot – in the areas of roadmapping & planning, ecommerce & marketing support and technology management & integration. Some of these clients were Dermalogia Australia, Nestle Purina, Toys R Us Australia and Nerada Tea Australia.

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Over the past 15 years supporting clients, here are 3 key observations, we see as limiting factors to sustainable growth in ecommerce businesses.

1. Resource Allocation:

Most ecommerce teams are under-resourced with only 1-2 staff, who then need to cover all the different skill sets required to run an ecommerce site. Management’s view is: once you start growing and making more sales we can grow the team.

Suggestion: To grow properly, the business needs to invest in the right tech, the right team, and relevant ongoing marketing activities. Just throwing money at Google ads and Meta Ads only buys short term wins if the tech is not optimised and you don’t have all the right skill sets to manage properly.

2. Understanding Your Sales:

Driving online sales to meet performance targets requires a good understanding of your ebusiness. Many businesses struggle because they don’t have visibility of all the different ecommerce components that will help them to make sales each week or month.

Suggestion: Just like traditional retail you need to know: what is your estore positioning, who are your target customers, who are your competitors, what is your product range and catalogue, what should your pricing be, which are your best sellers, when do your customers shop, what helps conversion, and what drives customers to abandon their cart. Focus on the whole process and fix your fundamentals.

3. Speed of Action:

Running an ecommerce business, there are lots of things to do and manage. Success and growth come from being able to constantly improve and adapt to the market and data. Anything that slows you down or takes time to change, implement or fix is costing you sales and repeat customers.

Suggestion: Review your ecosystem and set-up. Are you on an ecommerce platform that can allow you to make changes in 30 minutes or will it take days, weeks or even months? How easy is it to test and trial a new functionality or feature that could positively impact your sales or would you need to custom develop it? Keep up with the times and move to tech, people and apps that allow you to adapt faster.

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