Virtual Shopping in VR

Bringing the In-Store Retail Experience Online

In today’s retail landscape, the distinction between online and in-person shopping experiences is becoming increasingly blurred, thanks to advancements in virtual reality (VR) technology. Digital Mavens, in collaboration with our technology partner VRTY, , is leading the charge in integrating virtual shopping capabilities into Shopify e-commerce stores and digital commerce environments. Our goal is to offer a solution that combines the convenience of online shopping with the immersive experience traditionally only found in physical stores.


Understanding Virtual Shopping

Virtual shopping utilises VR and interactive 360-degree technology to simulate a shopping environment where customers can explore products in a virtual space. This technology aims to virtualise the experience of browsing in a physical store, including the ability to interact with products to see different colours, sizes, and features. It’s an innovative and scaleable approach that offers customers the flexibility to shop from anywhere at any time, potentially broadening the market reach for businesses that operate in the physical and digital worlds.


The Virtual Shopping Experience

Through virtual shopping, customers enter a virtual store using a smartphone, tablet, computer or VR headset, where they can explore different parts of your retail store, interact with products, and get more information on your items. This level of detail and interactivity aims to provide an engaging shopping experience together with traditional online shopping.

Our virtual shopping experience is designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that customers of varying technological expertise can navigate the virtual environment easily. The goal is to make the shopping experience as pleasant and straightforward as possible, from product exploration to the checkout process.


For Shopify Store Owners

Integrating virtual shopping into a Shopify store presents an opportunity for business owners to innovate and stay ahead in a competitive market. Our team is focused on tailoring virtual shopping solutions that reflect your brand’s identity and meet your specific business objectives. Whether you’re looking to expand your physical store’s reach online or enhance your existing e-commerce site, we’re here to facilitate that transition.


A Real Success Story

A notable example of virtual shopping’s impact is the Stokke Australia Virtual Store, which leveraged Shopify and VRTY technology. This implementation allowed customers to virtually explore Stokke’s range of baby products in detail in their Chatswood retail store, contributing to informed purchasing decisions, improved customer confidence and more online sales.

Stokke Virtual Shopify Shop


Other Virtual Shopping Applications

Virtual shopping isn’t just a novelty; it’s a game-changer for a variety of retail environments, especially those that pride themselves on unique in-store experiences. Think luxury high-end stores, where the elegance and exclusivity of the fitout are almost as important as the products themselves. These stores can now invite customers from anywhere in the world to step inside and marvel at the luxury, all from the comfort of their own home. Boutique brands with quirky or particularly interesting fitouts also stand to benefit, as they can share the charm and personality of their physical space with a global audience. It’s an excellent way for brands that put a lot of effort into their in-store experience to extend this immersive environment to online shoppers, making everyone feel a part of something special, no matter where they are. Virtual shopping breaks down geographical barriers, allowing stores to share their unique vibe and ethos with the world.

In the B2B space, virtual shopping and showroom technologies open up innovative avenues for engagement and demonstration. Wholesale distributors can benefit from virtual showrooms, allowing customers to explore and order products in an immersive setting. Manufacturers can offer interactive demos of complex machinery, making it easier for clients to understand products without physical visits. Virtual trade shows and exhibitions extend global reach, while training platforms enhance technical education through interactive learning. This digital transformation in the B2B realm not only streamlines sales and marketing processes but also significantly enriches client engagement and understanding.


Embracing Virtual Shopping

As the retail industry continues to evolve, embracing virtual shopping can position your business at the forefront of this change; so too B2B businesses. Working with us, you can offer your customers an innovative and convenient shopping experience that stands out.

Got questions? Curious about how this could work for your retail store or business? Why don’t you Contact us to learn more about virtual shopping and how it can benefit your e-commerce strategy.