Taking your ecommerce pulse

Ecommerce teams are always looking for ways to improve their digital health and performance. Our ECOMMERCE AUDIT is one of the ways in which Digital Mavens can help you take the pulse of your online business.

It’s a unique, leading-edge, multi-channel, multi-perspective review that gets right to the heart of all your ecommerce-critical questions:

How healthy are your current ecommerce activities?

  • Am I paying too much for my ads?
  • What are my most important metrics and benchmarks?
  • How can I sell more and make more?
  • How do I know where my best customers are coming from?
  • How am I performing across my entire ecommerce ecosystem?
  • Is everything in my funnel working properly?
  • Where are my conversion leaks?
  • How and where can I get better efficiency?
  • Where are my biggest opportunities for growth?

Your ECOMMERCE AUDIT comes with expert recommendations from our internal data specialists. We also offer post-audit technical support to help you improve your performance immediately, and start achieving your ecommerce goals faster.

  • Google
  • Facebook / Instagram (Meta)
  • Websites
  • Ecommerce Webshops
  • SEO
  • Email
  • Marketplaces
  • Affiliates
  • Customer Service
  • Social Commerce
  • Other Social Media (YouTube, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest)
  • Commercial Online Strategy
  • Customer Database Management
  • Technical Integrations
  • Supply Chain Integration

How Does it Work?

1. Discovery

We meet with you to learn more about your eCommerce, goals, concerns, and your digital journey to date.

2. Scope

We discuss your options and propose the appropriate Edge Report package for your eCommerce activities.

3. Trust

We sign an ER Ways of Working and Confidentiality Agreement with you, to cover the process and protection of your information.

4. Access

We provide you with a checklist of eCommerce channels for access permissions to complete your Edge Report.

5. Analysis

We analyse your eCommerce channels, giving you an ER with a Red/Amber/Green traffic light report card. 

6. Recommendations

We collate our analysis and provide recommendations on what you can fix, resolve or can capitalise on.

7. Presentation

We will present our ER to you and talk you through our findings and recommendations in detail.

8. Tech Support

Depending on the outcome of your ER, we can provide technical support to help you action the findings.

How Much Does it Cost?

Your Edge Report is fully customisable to meet your ecommerce business requirements and the specifics of your health check enquiry. We could look at your Inbound Channels; or just review your Onsite Performance and Technical Integrations; or more. The choice is yours. 

Essentials Health Check Audit Cover

A popular package with EDGE REPORT
is ‘ER Essentials’:

Our ‘ER Essentials’ package is designed for established ecommerce sites with existing marketing and digital marketing ad spend, where you’re looking for an overall assessment on how your site’s performing and how you can achieve better results.

  • Number of channels: Four – Facebook/Instagram (Meta), Google Ads, Ecommerce Platform, and Email; with a data timeframe of 12 months.
  • What you get: Audits across four channels, final report and recommendations; copy provided as a PDF.
  • Timeframe: The health check audit will take 3 to 4 weeks from date of platform access.
  • Cost: A$7,500 plus GST

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