Anyone can start their own digital commerce site these days. With platforms like Shopify,, Weebly, Squarespace and WooCommerce you can create your own basic webstore in as little as a day.

You can also stick your credit card down on Facebook or Google Ads and instantly start spending money on advertising for your new digital commerce site.

Whether you’ll sell anything though, is another thing.

One of the key tips for running a successful site is Trust. Think about it from your customers perspective. Have you done enough to show you are a legitimate site with products that will turn up once they have given you their money?

If not, then you find you get lots of traffic to your site, but not a lot of purchases.

Here are a few ideas to help increase the trust in your digital commerce site:

  • Have clear and easy to read terms and conditions,
  • Have a privacy policy,
  • Have a returns policy,
  • Clearly show credible contact details,
  • Have clear product images,
  • Have informative product information, and
  • Use a reputable payment gateway.

If you need help with getting your webstore going, visit our digital commerce services.