Our Work

Dermalogica Smart Serum 3D

With the launch of the new Smart Response Serum product into Australia, many of Dermalogica’s customers were in COVID lockdown or were not able to travel to the launch events. So Dermalogica asked the Digital Mavens to create an innovative digital launch experience for its customers.

Using a 3D software platform, called Arium, we created a virtual launch event where Dermalogica’s customers could enter as avatars and interact with the virtual world.
A large open warehouse space was designed and filled with brand launch assets. In each corner of the warehouse, we created special focus areas where customers could walk over and have real-time conversations with Dermalogica staff from Marketing, Education, Sales and Digital Marketing, about the new Smart Response Serum product.

The experience allowed for each of the customer’s avatar to walk around and explore the warehouse space, interact with branded materials and videos, see other customers or Dermalogica staff and talk to them through the platform. A special verandah space was also created to showcase special educational videos from the US.

Feedback from customers and Dermalogica were very positive, and a much needed occasion where everyone could socialise and chat with each other, just as they would have at a live event.