A Little Bit About Us

The Digital Mavens is a digital solutions and development agency based in Surry Hills, Sydney.   Our core focus is to help businesses achieve more out of their digital ecosystems and ecommerce stores.   Our difference is our ability to understand your business needs and develop the right digital strategy, combined with our ability to build, design, and put everything together to deliver results that count – more sales, more revenue and more customers.   As part of the Now Communications Group, our heritage extends back to 2008. Where we have built up our expertise, experience and learning by successfully delivering solutions for the likes of VMware, Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Tata Consultancy Services, Oracle Micros, Dermalogica, GSK, ADF, Inghams, Caroma, MLA, Vodafone and Nestle Purina.   Along with the boosted skills and capabilities from our software and technology partners, we are well suited to help our clients successfully drive their businesses forward in 2022 and beyond.   If you’d like to find out more about what we can do to help your business grow, please contact us.

The Mavens

Kingston Lee-Young

Chief Digital Maven

Loves to chat about all things tech

Allison Ross

Digital Growth Director

Advisor of businesses and netflix shows, owner of furbaby Chase

Peter Zakrzewski

Digital and Ecommerce Director

Delivering projects like Tom Brady delivers Super Bowls

Ming Tu

Lead Developer

Can build anything tech guru fuelled by bubble tea

Kristen Hila

Digital Growth Director

A cool and calm driver of projects, businesses and muscle cars

Tip Gloria

Digital and Social Strategist

A master of Facebook, whisperer of data, and forever with a coffee by her side

Brandon Vega

Hybrid Designer

An avid gamer, sneakerhead and digital native fuelled by energy drinks

Rachael Ward

Digital Marketing and Social Media Manager

Doesn't miss a social (or fashion) trend, handles the witchcraft of facebook ads

Sarah Lee


An all-rounder who plays with VR one day and bakes cookies the next